Move from Czech republic to Norway (Oslo)

If you hire a moving company, you will need these documents:

  • Customs declaration (with your handwritten signature) PDF or Doc

  • List of transported items (without prices) – examples/ Open officeExcel PDF

  • Unverified power of attorney for customs representation.Optional

  • Copy of your ID card and other documents proving your connection with Norway, such as work permit, job offer, work visa, lease agreement, etc.

  • Sometimes a fee of 600 NOK is charged when the owner of transported items is not present at the customs clearance.

  • All items must be non-commercial in nature, used, without any prospect of selling them soon. Food, plants, seeds and animals cannot be imported.

  • We do not recommend importing large amounts of alcohol or cigarettes: if you choose to take such items with you, make sure to know (and not exceed) the current limits. You may only carry alcohol and cigarettes for your own usage.

  • Customs declaration usually takes 30 to 60 minutes and mostly is just a formality.

  • Never put any food into the list,
  • If you don’t have Norwegian National Identity number or alternative, you can ask for on at the border for a fee 150E and it can take up to 2 hours to process it.

Moving to Norway on your own (Prague to Oslo)

Moving to Norway by yourself is quite easy. Just make sure to inform the van rental company that their van will leave the EU. Most companies have insurance for travels to Norway, so this should not pose a problem. You can choose from two routes:

1) Rostock – Trellenborg by ferry

  • This is our recommended and probably the cheapest option. Total distance you have to drive is 1200 Km
  • The voyage itself is 165 km and lasts about 7 hours, so it makes sense to use a night ferry. You can even cut the costs down a bit more by sleeping on your own mat without having to book a cabin. You can choose from two companies: StenaLines and TT-Lines

    Frederikshaven to Gothenburg

  • You need to do more driving +65 Km, but the trip is usually faster. The ferries go more frequently, and you spend much less time en voyage.(Just 3,5h) There is only one company operating this route.

    3) Ferries from northern Denmark

  • These routes are served by companies Colorlines and Fjordlines. This is usually be the fastest, but also the most expensive way to Norway.

Move yourself to UK (London)

How to move to the UK (London) on your own: a step by step guide

1. Van rental

You can rent a van to go to the UK in most of the more upscale van rentals; however, always let them know in advance that you are going to the UK. They will charge between 1,500 and 2,200 CZK (60–90 euros) per day.
You should be able to move to London in 3 days, which means that the van should not cost you more than 6,600 CZK or 250 euros.

2. Fuel

To save on fuel, follow this simple principle: diesel fuel is always cheaper when you are not on a highway. Diesel fuel is also cheaper in the Czech Republic than in Germany but it is cheaper in Germany than in other countries. We recommend using this petrol station in the Czech Republic; in Germany, we recommend this petrol station on the way there and this one on the way back.
You overall fuel costs are mostly determined by the size of the van.
Van fuel consumption:
10 m
3 – around 8,5l/100km
15 m
3 – around 10l/100km
22 m
3 – around 14l/100km
In other words, you will need about 240 litres of fuel for a round trip to London with a 15m
3 van (Prague to London and back: 2,500 km), which will cost you about 12,000 CZK (about 450 euros).
Pls have in mind that big vans like 17m3
its extra easy to overweight

Moving from Czech to UK self drive

3) Tunnel or ferry?

The tunnel is cheaper if:
– You will spend fewer than two nights in the UK
– You can plan your trip in advance
– You do not mind travelling outside the busy times (evening, night and early morning)
– You do not want to waste your time on the ferry
– You don’t need to travel on holiday season 

The ferry is better if:
– You have to buy your ticket on the day of your trip
– You will need to stay in the UK for longer
– You want to enjoy your time on the ferry and you do not mind that it takes longer

The cheapest round trip from France to the UK is 2,600 CZK (100€).
(Price for both crossing with extra trailer is in cheaper and easier with ferry)
The ferry to Uk from France is run by 2 companies: PO Ferry  and DFDS 
    Irish ferries is the best option for vans

The overall cost is 19,600 CZK or about 780 €.
And how valuable is your time? That is for you to decide.

– If you arrive in the UK during the holidays, the prices may be 2 or 3 times higher
– It is quicker to get on the train and the customs officers are nicer
– Most ferries got same prices up to the day before you trip. Price at spot or bought same day is definitely higher than 1 day in advance online.
– Whichever way you choose, there may be random checks that can take up to 30 minutes
– If you would like to make the trip even cheaper, ask around (for example in the relevant Facebook groups) whether anyone needs to have something transported on your way there or back
When passing Germeny you Must fill kontrolbuch in English

Roads and tunnel charges and emission zones in UK

There is one toll motorway (highway) in the UK and about 12 toll bridges and tunnels.
The charge is usually up to 5£, and it is not worthwhile to try and avoid them.
You are most likely to have to pay for using the:
Dartford Crossing
Dartford Crossing step by step guide 


Registration for the LEZ and ULEZ zones London

There are two emission zones in London. LEZ, or the Low Emission Zone, covers almost the entire area within the circle surrounded by M25.
It is important to register in advance. The form says it may take up to 10 workdays to process, but it usually only takes 2 or 3.
All vans registered outside the UK have to register in advance. If you do not register in advance, you will pay 200 pounds per day for entry.
However, all newer vans meet the emission limits. All you need to do is to register using the technical license to your car, and you will avoid both charges.
If your car meets the limits, but you did not register in time, you will have to pay the charge. (In most cases, you will be allowed to register later and once you pay the fine, they will return the full sum, but we do not recommend this method.) The minimum fine is 500£.
ULEZ, or the Ultra Low Emission Zone, is a zone in the very center of London, proximity 20 km around the city center.

Detailed registration instructions for the LEZ/ULEZ London

From 1.1.2022 you are redirected to EPCplc to register there. (non-uk registed cars)
From 1.7.2022 there are no discount for vans registered outside UK to enter ULEZ you need to pay 12,5 Pounds a day
Offline registration via this pdf form. LEZ registration form for Uk and non-uk registration cars/vans download  you can checked your status online.
Online form for registration via post = Online form lez registration  

Moving from Uk to CZ


1) Required Documentation

copy of your ID/ phone number/ other contact is helpful

proof that you have lived in the UK for longer than 12 months (tenancy agreement, council tax, payslips,  and similar.)

affidavit that the items are yours

confirmation of your permanent/ temporary stay in the Czech Rep. (at least a verified lease agreement)

list of all the items you are moving (items should be older than 6 months, shall not be sold just after)

– if you are not travelling with us in the van (missing out on a ton of hilarious stories!), we would need a verified power of attorney stating that we can represent you at customs

– application for remission of duties and taxes

– EORI number

2) After Arriving at Customs in France 

I. You need to show:

– the list of items
list of items for customs LibreOffice, list of items for customs template LibreOffice
List of items for UK/FR customs Excel, Template list of items for UK/Fr Customs Excel 
PDF example list of items for customs PRINT, Template pdf list of items for customs Print 

– EORI registration

– Czech custom office number, for example CZ123456 (where the declaration will be completed –  list of  customs offices and map are here

II. Request a T1 form and pay deposit for your goods

3) After Arriving in The Czech Republic 

You need to go to the custom office that you declared at the French border. You should arrive at least 2 hours before closing, and keep in mind that the process could take up to 3 hours. Needs to be done in Prague or Brno only. They don’t need to see goods, just the papers.

  • Monday: 07:00 – 17:00
  • Wednesday: 08:00 – 17:00
  • Tuesday + Thursday: 08:00 – 15:00
  • Friday: 08:00 – 14:00
If you do yourself, you will not need Power of Attorney 
You will need an affidavit and request for release into free circulation

Moving from Prague, Czech Republic, to Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Comparison of trips by the van using bridges or ferries as got the price and comfort

  1. The route Prague – Rostock – Gedser – Copenhagen

750 km on the road + 45 km by the ferry (8 times daily)

On the road: fuel consumption of 750*3 2250czk – 90 EUR
Ferry 47E out of season/74E during high season (an economic ticket purchased 14 days ahead)

Time on the road 10 hours + 2 hours on the ferry; 12 hours altogether

– overall costs for a small/large van during the main season 4200/4800 CZK
– overall costs for a small/large van out of season 3500/3800 CZK

2 Route Praha –Puttgarden – Rødby

920 km on the road +  20km on the ferry (every 45 minutes).
Fuel consumption on the road 920*3 = 2800czk / 110E

Ferry 40E / 67E (low/high season)
an economic ticket purchased 14 days beforehand
Time spent on the road 13 hours + 1h on the ferry, total of 14 hours

– total cost of a smaller/larger van during high season: 4500czk / 4900czk
– total cost of a smaller/larger van during low season:  3800czk / 4300czk

3 Crossing the bridge

1120km on the road including the bridge
crossing the bridge 15 minutes: small / large van   1000czk / 1500czk
The price remains the same in both high and low season.
Time on the road: 15 hours.
Fuel cost 1120*3 3400czk
Overall cost for a smaller / larger van : 4300czk / 4800czk