To disassemble or not to disassemble the furniture, that is the question.

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Experience has taught us that it is always a good idea to disassemble larger things, especially for longer distance.
Semi-large things: it’s a semi-good idea to disassemble them. It depends. After disassembling them and putting them back together, they might be a bit less firm, but you will save their surfaces from getting scratched, and you will save space in the van for other things.
Small items don’t need to be taken apart, or if you are only moving for a short distance, just skip taking things apart, it will work out.

Useful equipment for a moving pro

  • Foil/wrap
  • Tape
  • Large plastic bags
  • Boxes


The most universal item is stretch foil. Perfect as basic protection for just anything. You can buy it here or try hobby stores OBI, Bauhaus, Unihobby, Hornbach.
You need one roll for approximately one couch, one wardrobe and two large armchairs. If you need a lot, we recommend e-shop in map.

Bubble wrap
Might seem to be the best, but it is hardly ever really needed. Good for mirrors or paintings, but you can do without.

Giant plastic bags
In our opinion, 120 liters is the best size, or go for a bit smaller or bigger. They should be of decent quality; it is not something to try to save on. Ideal to transport clothing, toys, cushions, soft stuff. Not that great for books, dishes, food, pots. You can buy them at the same places as wraps.

Moving boxes Brno- almost any boxes are good for moving. We recommend asking at any nearby store. If there are no nearby stores where you live (we are sorry, no wonder you are moving away), stop by at:

Alberts: ObláHrnčířská, Mendlovo náměstí or at Billa: Stránského, PřívratHerčíkova. Albert’s and Billa are quite good for this and in these stores the staff is friendly and helpful. Lidl and Tesco are usually not good.

Of course, the best boxes ever are BANANA BOXES. Just a reminder: banana box dimensions are 50*40*25 cm. An incredible thing exists in Brno: Banana box rental. Or you can buy your own boxes: Ikea, Kika, OBI, Bauhaus, Unihobby or Hornbach, etc.

If you prefer e-shops. There are (pick up in the Kuřim) and (Syrovice).In Brno Don Carton at Šámalova 62

We can buy all the packing stuff for you and deliver it to your place! But boxes for free are boxes for free. 

Last update 1/August/2021

First/last moving box help

Recomended places where to start of finish your box search.

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