All you need to know to get out of here

The most important thing is to choose the right company and the right size of van. In Brno, there are many moving truck rentals (20 actually) and for someone who doesn’t do this daily, it might be quite a challenge to pick the most suitable van. Prices are pretty much the same all over the Czech Republic.

All you need to know before renting a car

  • The best vehicle size for you
  • How many kilometers you want to drive
  • How much time you need it for (date and time of pickup and return)
  • Renting a truck on your own is the cheapest way to move to another country
  • Renting a van and leaving it in another country is possible, but so expensive that it does not really make sense

You might as well chose the rental company closest to you, because you can get a good rate for ½ day. Renting a van for less than 2.5 hours is a waste of money, as any moving company in Brno can do all the moving for you for cheaper. We don’t recommend hiring a new car if you have never driven a van before, as any minor collision might seriously affect your financial well-being all over car is 100% insured

For long distance moving, the right size van and a good company are the most important aspects. Note that some companies do not let you use their car outside of Czech Republic (or used special rate for it). Most of them don’t allow you drive outside EU. Most companies have mileage limitation and you pay extra for extra kilometers; other companies offer unlimited mileage.  Unlimited mileage is not always cheaper that limited mileage.

You might wonder what those cryptic letters next to vans mean. Well, wonder no more: L stands for length and H for height. So L1H1 is the smallest and L4H3 is the largest. Check out the figures: Always look at the actual dimensions, not just the number of m3, as some companies like to make their cars seem bigger (oh no, would you believe that?). If you are moving a short distance, it is cheaper to use a smaller car and make more trips.

If you are not an experienced van driver, go for a smaller car a make more trips if needed. Big vehicles might be too much fun for a newbie to operate, especially in narrow city streets.

Rent a van in Brno

Where to rent a van in Brno

Company nameAddressFleetPrice rangePrice for middle size van /dayMileage in price / czk you pay for 1 km over it1/2 day rentNew or oldOur recom.Best for long distancesProf. car dealers-rental companyInformation
297/99 or
Dusíkova 896/7a
15 vans 5m3 to 21m3€€€1650unlimited for CZ/ for EU 500km / 1.8 czk4h**yesyesno
Van4rentVídenská 99one van 16m31550500 km / 1.6czk5h***yesyesne
ARC Pisárecka 267 /8approx 10 vans up to 17m31200500 km / 2czk4h, 11h**yesnono
RentíkPolní 780/92vans around 12m31100unlimited mileage for cz / eu 700km / 3czk1,2,4,10 h***yesyesno
půjčovna dodávek brnostr. Vodařská 5 vans arox 10m3€€1330500 km / 2.4 czk4,6 h**yesyesno
carent brnoBělohorská 46vans 6m3 and 10m3€€€2300Unlimited mileage for EUno*****yesyesyes
brno půjčovna dodávekcorner Dornych a Široká st.
8 vans 8m3 to 17m3€€1250500 km/3czkno**ne??no
půjčovna dodávek- brno Uhelná str. at tesco7 vans 9m3 to 18m31000500 km /2czk
Just for CZ
4,6,9 h*yesnono
mobility rentČernohorská 292/45
or Opavská 801/8A
9 vans 6m3 to 18m3€€€1550500km / 3,6czkyes**nonono
půjč dodávku Stará 91 van 6m31000500 km / 2czk4,9 h*no
nej dodávkyPod sídlištěm 1,5 vanst 11-15m31350unlimed milage CZ4h****yesno
az dodávkyŽelezniční 59 vans 4m3to 17m3€€€13000km / 2.4czk1,2,4,12 h***nonono
SmíšovskýBrněnská 988
9vans 5m3to 22m31400unlimited for euno**noyesno
cp carU Leskavy 315 vans 5m3 to 16m32100unlimited mileage EUno***noanono
comfort carsHněvkovského 585/66, Brno1 small van
3 big cars that can be used for smaller moves
8000Unlimited EUno****yesyesno
xcar Hybešova 462 vans 4m3 and 11m3€€1100300 / 2.4 czk4,6 h**nonono
půjčovny dodávek brnoVídeňská 117a
4 vans 8-13m31250????no*nonono
rent brnoChironova, 625 00 Brno8 vans 13m3 to 22m3€€€1400Cca 300km /3czkno****nonono
dodávky pronájemHolzova 27one van 9m3€€1050300km /2.4czkno**nonono
volkswagenPoříčí 32 minivans 1big van€€€1700500km / 4czkno*****nonoyes
brno carPalackého třída 155some vans aprox 10m3€€€€1950100 km / 3czkno****nonoyes
hertzHybešova 42some vans aprox 12m3€€€1650500 km / 3czkyes any****nonoyes
bs auto brnoVeslařská 22 types vans 10m3 a 15m3€€€3000dificult to understood the price listno****nonoyes
agrotecBrněnská 74, Hustopeče types of van 6m3 10m3 16m31433Unlimed mileage for EUno****
ford rašíno Jihlavská 2one type of van 10m3€€€2240Unlimed mileage for EUno****noyesyes
mb rentPonětovice 794 typs 10m3 to 19m3€€€individualindiviualno**nonono
allrisk komarovská 20a1 type of van aprox 10m3€€€€1300200 km / 5czkno****yesnono
hoppy go (car share)changeble
mobile app
4vans approx 10m3€€1000-1800300km / 4czkyes**nonono
budgedbrno airportone type of van 17m3€€€???????no****nonoyes
PontevaBubeníčkova 5-7one type of van 15m3€€1200??no****nonono

€€€ – expensive | € – cheeper | **** – new van | * – older van
last update 8. 11. 2023

Ideally, make your reservation by e-mail or online, so you are sure your reservation is valid. If you want to rent a van for the last days of a month (when most people move) it is a good idea to book the vehicle about two weeks beforehand. Feel free to contact us, we can help with it.

Highway fees

Highway vignettes and fees

Most European countries have the policy of paying for highways. All vans in car rentals have highway vignette for the Czech Republic.(from 2021 is electronic vignette)

For example, in Hungary or Slovakia, you can buy the vignette online. In Austria, there is  the windshield option or buy online (always as Bussines trip) In Italy, France and Serbia, Spain there are tollgates. (France road map with free and paid roads)
In Norway or Sweden, you shall register in advance into their system Epass24.

You can use the trip planning tool from Google to compare both options and choose the one that works best for you. Especially in heavy populated areas it isn’t worth it.
Dont forget to fill in this document when going over/to Germany.     Kontrolbuch EN pdf

Cost of fuel

You can save the most by choosing the most suitable car. You can also cut the costs by sticking to reasonable speed and a smart tank policy. In most countries it is cheaper to refuel away from the highway, in some countries it is cheaper on the highway and in some countries it doesn’t really matter.
In the Czech Republic the highways are always more expensive than smaller roads. You can find prices in individual countries here:

Price of petrol I
Price of petrol II

Vans have tanks of 60 to 120 liters. So, for example, filling your tank in Austria or in Italy might mean a difference of 40 E.

What to do in the van

What to do in the van while driving

Not many activities can be done while driving. You can ponder about your life in your amazing home. But that usually doesn’t last as long as the trip. We highly recommend saving a lot of your favorite music into your smart phone, or downloading some audio-books to keep yourself entertained.

It can be a bit complicated to connect to an audio system. Audio systems in rental cars are like a box chocolate: you never know what you gonna get.

USB charger

With two slots and voltage of 2.1 A is necessary. Plus two charging cables that fit your phone.Most vans have it integrated now.


Jack – jack wire (3.5mm AUX audio cable) is highly recommended.

You might find the following things useful and they cost almost nothing. Car radio transmitter turns your phone into a car radio, you can then tune into the radio station of your phone. Simple and efficient. You can buy them in specialized electro shops or e-shops:


Be sure they will find their way to you. Especially from France, Italy, Germany or Austria, they arrive at the car rental that then the rental company extorts the money from you. Not pleasant. Basic information on regulations can be found here.

For example: in Austria, you need to have as many reflective vests as there are persons in the car. In Slovakia, vans are weighted (you can find your permitted load in your logbook).
Weighting is rather frequent and fines are high, especially if the weight is over 3.5t.

Navigations are no longer needed as you can easily manage with just your smartphone.

We recommend download the map of the trip in your phone and not rely on having always good Internet connection when abroad. Our pick:

When you plan or navigate it is better not to use just Google Maps, but also check out Waze or some other navigation tool as mentioned above. Both of them are in online mode. Date cunsmption cca 0,05MB per 1km
It’s handy to use a car phone holder

When you plan your trip with Google Maps, remember to count with longer times than estimated as vans travel slower than the car it is calculated for.

How to get on train with van?