Moving inside Brno

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Most of the moving is done within a few hours. We help you with moving if you don’t want to be moving things yourself.

Moving around the Czech Republic

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We can move you to any city, town or village in the Czech Republic. We do moving to Prague at competitive prices.

International moving

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We can move you anywhere in Europe. If you are moving abroad, we recommend a meeting beforehand.

small van brno

Volkswagen Transporter H1L1

If you have only few items, Volkswagen Transporter H1L1 is a good option for you. If you move far away, we help you find the perfect van for your needs.

ford tranzit Brno

Ford Transit H3L2

If you have SO MUCH stuff, we make more trips. But beware: 95% of people fit into our car, even though 12 % think they can NEVER fit.

Dacia Lodgy with trailer

If you have only few items, but need a ride for people, Dacia Lodgy  might be the best match for you. If you move far away, we find a van for you which is just perfect.

Iveco daily L4h2

Iveco Daily long version is one of the biggest vans you can get.
If you need something bigger we can also help you (adding a trailer or getting an even larger van).


Before the moving crew arrives, make sure you have EVERYTING packed in boxes and bags and all your furniture disassembled. For new furniture we recommend using stretch foil. If you like all-inclusive service (or are just lazy), we can bring boxes and foils to you beforehand. But it is cheaper and easier to ask in any nearby shop. If you need more inspiration, check our tips on how to pack like a pro.

Get rid of old stuff

We can help you get rid of your old furniture by taking it to the scrapyard.(Scapyard Brno map) Just tell us beforehand. We are really good at this and can make a lot of stuff disappear in no time.  We can also pick up donations for charity.

moving boxes brno
Brno ikea delivery

Buying new furniture

We can bring your amazing new furniture from stores like Ikea, Kika, Asko, Sconto, XXX Lutz etc. Pick up is possible any time except for rush hours. We can help you bring furniture to your flat. If you want us to assemble the furniture for you, no problem, just book our time beforehand.

Please note that while most of the Ikea stuff you can buy in Avion Park, some other things need to be picked up in Ikea storage in Slatina.

Storage, re-sale of stuff and conditions

If you need to move out fast (we don’t ask any questions), or if you can’t be bothered to sell your stuff yourself, we can take care of this as well, but like for any service, we take commission when selling or charge for storage.(Tips how to sell or buy stuff yourself)

We can refer you to other related services, like rental of banana boxes which also offers storage services:
It is always a good idea to read terms and conditions , especially the funny ones.  You will find out that it is better to be prepared and other useful things.

we expect that u will be ready

On-board service and benefits

  • For your convenience, we offer:
  • A micro USB charger for smartphones
  • Healthy chewing gums and mints with xylitol
  • Unlimited calling within EU
  • Limited Internet access

Occasionally, I tell rather inappropriate jokes, but most people don’t find them funny, so I’m not sure if I can call this benefit. Now, you’ve been warned.


Ask your friends to help you (if you have any). The better prepared you are before we arrive, the less you pay. Help us to secure a parking spot close to the entrance so we spend less time (and energy) carrying stuff to the van.
If you don’t have many things, you can share the ride with another group and split the price. If you have very few things, we can help you find the cheapest possible way to transport them.

Try this page: Send a packet from Czech and page will you find best deal for parcels. Or for share transport (start up).

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