General condition

-We assume that you will help us when you are loading and unloading (if you will not or you can not report this in advance). – The items that will be moved are taken as standard objects (fridge, furniture etc.), we do not move heavy loads, pianos,etc.things above 70 kg must be reported in advance, also dimensions above 180x160x60 cm need to be reported in advance. (we can do these items at an additional cost) 
– We are not responsible for the impossibility to park near the house.
– The rate starts counting from arrival at the agreed address, and ends at our departure. the rate is multiplied, for example, if the rate is 650 czk per hour and you work for 2h 30 m work 650 x 2,5 = 1625 Czk – it is your responsibility to make sure nothing remains in the luggage compartment. Forgotten items can not be delivered to you. Need to be pick up at Křízová 4 cca 2-7 days after.
– if you are interested in packing material, tools to make the furniture. is possible, but need to report in advance -in the car there are 2 places for you. general booking is van and driver that will be helping, if u need extra person. Need to book in advance.

General procedures for international transport. Please fill out a calculator that will give you an approximate price and fill in all the details. please let us know – Possible dates and times of loading and unloading of shipment. – The number of people in the car and willingness to drive. – the nature and quantity of things, and your willingness to participate in unloading and loading. Then we will calculate a fixed shipping price. The price is final and fixed. Usually more in advance you book the price will be lower.
Last update 1/8 2022

Complaint conditions

All items  are insured for 10 000 EURO in case of damage during transport by accident or by insolvency. You need to pack your stuff adequately especially fragile items as picture, mirrors, screens, pc, glasses etc. we don’t take any responsibility of damage these items because inadequately pack. We can also do packing of fragile items.  (its insured with our own damage found) you need to claim any damage  up to 2 weeks of time the job is done. by mail or post, pictures of damage need to be added. We will send refund up to 2 weeks.


You hereby grant consent to the company Petr Dobrovolny, registered office at Březová 70, Brno, ID: 87276046, registered in the trade register. (hereinafter referred to as the “Administrator”), that in the sense of Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) No. 2016/679 on the protection of natural persons in connection with the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and on the repeal of Directive 95/46/EC (general regulation on the protection of personal data) (hereinafter referred to as the “Regulation”) processed the following personal data:
• name and surname, address.
• e-mail
• telephone number
for the duration of the contract and 14 days after completion.

Delivery and payment conditions

I. General delivery conditions

. Unless there is an express written agreement to the contrary, payments will be settled in the net amount after the service has been performed

2. The buyer will make the payment in such a way that we can freely dispose of the funds on the day when the payment is due. Everyone pays bank fees to their bank

3. In case of delay, we will charge interest at least 8% higher than the basic interest rate of the Czech National Bank from the day the invoice was due. The above does not affect our right to claim compensation for damages exceeding the above, incurred by us as a result of the delay.

4. If the buyer is in default, the seller will also have the right to withdraw from the contract and also demand compensation for damages. Furthermore, the seller can prohibit the buyer from selling the delivery service to a third party in case of delay (even without withdrawing from the contract separately). The buyer hereby authorizes the seller to enter the seller’s premises now and in the future for this purpose and pick up the delivery items.
5. In the case described in subsections 3 and 4, the seller may require the buyer to pay advances for services that have not yet been delivered, in such an amount as the seller may determine.
6. The buyer can avoid the legal consequences referred to in subsections 3 to 5 if he provides a guarantee in the amount of our claim for payment that is considered risky.

II. Delivery performance, delivery times and deadlines

1. Our service obligation is conditional on correct and timely deliveries made by our downstream suppliers. The seller will inform the buyer as soon as possible about any possible delays that become apparent.

2. The delivery period is governed by an express written or oral agreement in the contract between the contracting parties. If the delivery period is not specified in the contract, the delivery period begins on the day we confirmed the order.

3. However, the start of the delivery period will in any case be subject to a condition precedent that all commercial and technical issues between the contracting parties have been resolved and that the buyer has fulfilled all obligations,

4. In the event of any subsequent change to the order of the delivery item, the seller will be entitled to unilaterally extend the delivery period by a reasonable time. To the extent that only parts of the order are subsequently changed, it will be considered that, in case of doubt, the seller’s right to extend the delivery period applies to the entire order.

5. The delivery period will be deemed to have been met if the delivery item was sent from the customer before the delivery period expired. If a formal takeover process is required, then the agreed formal takeover day will (except for a duly justified refusal to carry out a formal takeover) decide. If either party does not agree to this date, the date on which the seller informs the buyer that it is ready to perform formal acceptance (“readiness to perform formal acceptance”) will be considered decisive.

6. If the shipment / formal acceptance of the delivery item is delayed for reasons attributable to the buyer, then they should be from the moment one month has passed from the date when the goods should have been dispatched / formal acceptance (or from the date the buyer received notification of the seller’s readiness to perform a formal takeover), costs incurred as a result of the buyer’s delay charged to the buyer. In any case, the seller will be entitled, without presenting evidence of damages or actual expenses, to demand from the buyer a reasonable fee for any storage of the delivery item, which could possibly be considered necessary due to the delay.

7. In the event that the seller does not meet the delivery deadline and this non-fulfilment can be attributed to force majeure or other circumstances beyond his control, the delivery deadline begins to run only at the moment when the obstacles are removed or when these obstacles cease to exist,
8. If the performance of the contract becomes unreasonable for one of the contractual parties for the above reasons, this contractual party may withdraw from the contract.

9. The buyer can withdraw from the contract without the need to observe any notice period, if he is generally disappointed with the fulfillment of the contract by the seller before the moment when the risk passes to the buyer. Furthermore, the buyer may withdraw from the entire contract if the performance of part of the supply services becomes impossible and the buyer has a justified interest (of which the buyer is or should be aware) to refuse the remaining partial performance that the seller is able to provide.

10. If an impossibility occurs during the delay in carrying out the formal takeover, or if the buyer is solely or mainly responsible for the circumstances leading to this impossibility, then the buyer in any case continues to be responsible for fulfilling his part of the contract.

11. If the seller is in arrears and the buyer incurs losses as a result, the buyer will be entitled to claim damages for the delay from the second week. This compensation for damages will be 0.5% for each full week of delay, but no more than a total of 5% of the value of the part of the total services to be delivered that could not be used in time as a result of the delay

Company registration info

Datum vzniku:5.1.2009, zapsaáný v živ. rejříku MMB
Obchodní firma:Mgr. Petr Dobrovolný
Podnikatel:Petr Dobrovolný
Adresa sídla:Brno – Jundrov, Březová 508/70, PSČ 63700
Identifikační číslo:87276046