-We assume that you will help us when you are loading and unloading (if you will not or you can not report this in advance). – The items that will be moved are taken as standard objects (fridge, furniture etc.), we do not move heavy loads, pianos,etc.things above 70 kg must be reported in advance, also dimensions above 180x160x60 cm need to be reported in advance. (we can do these items at an additional cost) – We are not responsible for the impossibility to park near the house. – The rate starts counting from arrival at the agreed address, and ends at our departure. the rate is multiplied, for example, if the rate is 450 czk per hour and you work for 2h 30 m work 450 x 2,5 = 1250 Czk – it is your responsibility to make sure nothing remains in the luggage compartment. Forgotten items can not be delivered to you. Need to be pick up at Křízová 4 cca 2-7 days after. – if you are interested in packing material, tools to make the furniture. is possible, but need to report in advance -in the car there are 2 places for you. general booking is van and driver that will be helping, if u need extra person. Need to book in advance.

All items  is insured for 2000
 EURO in case of damage during transport by accident or by insolvency. You need to pack your stuff adequately espcialy fragile items as picture, mirrors, screens, pc, glassis etc. we dont take any responsiblity of demige these items becose unadequately pack. We can also do packing of fragile items.  (its insured with our own demage found)

General procedures for international transport. Please fill out a calculator that will give you an approximate price and fill in all the details. please let us know – Possible dates and times of loading and unloading of shipment. – The number of people in the car and willingness to drive. – the nature and quantity of things, and your willingness to participate in unloading and loading. Then we will calculate a fixed shipping price. The price is final and fixed. Usually more in advance you book the price will be lower.
last update 1/8 2020