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For international moving

What can you expect from us?

Fair play

Price is agreed beforehand and fixed or you get a rate per hour.

Experience in moving

We moved hundreds of people around Brno and around Europe.

Low-cost transport

If you are on a tight budget, we can discuss options for optimization the costs.

Last but not least

Basic help carrying stuff is always included and we come on time!

We move you

We move you anywhere in Europe and help you with bring your new furniture for you from Ikea, Asko, Kika etc. We help you bring it to your flat and put it together. We help you find the best solution for storing your stuff in Brno or selling it.

help with moving in Brno

Moving inside Brno

Most of the moving is done within a few hours. We help you with moving if you don’t want to be moving things yourself.

Moving from Brno to Prague

Moving within the Czech Republic

We can move you to any city, town or village in the Czech Republic. We do moving to Prague at competitive prices.

International moving

We can move you anywhere in Europe. If you are moving abroad, we recommend a meeting beforehand.

Book online for moving inside Brno and Brno – Praha

You can book no later than 1 day in advance. For last-minute booking use phone +420 774 425 855

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