When moving to Switzerland, it is important to transfer tax residence to Switzerland as well. On the basis of this agreement, you can bring your belongings, animals or cars (which are used for personal use only) to Switzerland duty-free.
The only requirement is that the imported items should be used by you for at least 6 months and you must continue to use them after moving. (That means not sell them immediately.) Students can import their personal belongings without changing their tax residence.

Import procedure to Switzerland

1) Submit this form at customs (2 copies)
– form 18.44: household effects for import to Switzerland.pdf

2) As confirmation of the transfer of domicile to Switzerland, it is enough to submit copies of:
– lease agreement / proof of purchase of real estate
– work permit
– employment contract
– documents of a similar nature proving your relationship to Switzerland
– ID

3) Iventory
– list of imported personal items on an extra sheet of paper (In some cases, it is necessary to include the volume and weight of transported items. This is usually done by estimation.) Any animals must be included in the list of imported items. You can find all the information about importing animals here: FSVO.
The import of plants other than endangered and protected species is not regulated.
list of imports to Switzerland pdf template
list of imports to Switzerland excel template
list of imports to Switzerland word template

4) Time limit 
– you have 2 years from acquiring the tax residence to import your personal belongings duty-free. During these 2 years moving can be done in several stages.
You can also arrange things up to six months in advance. If you pay duty, it will be refunded.

5) Importing commercial goods 
Duty-free import of new items/products is possible up to the value of 300 CHF.
You can check limits for meat, butter, oil, alcohol and cigarettes here: Goods import limit for Switzerland.pdf

6) At the border 
This procedure should be carried out at the crossing during their opening hours. (In our experience, this can usually be solved outside of office hours as well, but you cannot count on it.)
For more information check their FAQ.

These 3 customs offices allow sending clearance papers in advance. Simply send your files via a courier at least 2 working days in advance and then arrive during office hours (either personally or represented by an appointed person). Stabio-Confine , Dogana di Ponte Tresa  , Dogana- Chaiasso  

7) Residence or entrance formalities
Information about required documents can be found here:
Residence permit
Travel documents

8) Exception

People moving to a second home in Switzerland are also exempt from paying custom duties on their personal belongings. However, this does not apply to the means of transport and animals.