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Job within Brno: 400 CZK/hour (driver + van), minimal charge is 400 CZK. Bringing stuff from the furniture stores at the outskirts of Brno, like Ikea, Asko, Sconto, Kika.

Van + driver +1 helper 700 CZK for the first hour, after 600 CZK/hour

If you used the services of Marie Kondo in the past three months, we will be happy to offer you a special discount and move you by a cargobike. 300 czk per h




Assembling your furniture after delivering it: 200 CZK/hour
Just assembling or disassembling furniture (without delivering it for you) 200 CZK/hour + 150 CZK traveling to you.

Moving within the Czech Republic usually means moving between Brno and Prague: this costs 4200 – 4 800 CZK (depending on the addresses and amount of stuff) when moving with the standard van of 11 m3.
General price for outside Brno is  250 czk per/h + 7czk km (need to pay bouth ways)

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Individual prices. Some examples:

  • Brno – Wiena 3 300 Kč
  • Brno – Gratz 6 500 Kč
  • Brno – Munich 9 000 Kč
  • Brno – Berlin 8 500 Kč
  • Brno – Studgart 12 000 Kč
  • Brno – Krakov 6 000 Kč
  • Brno – Košice 8 500 Kč

Please note that city center got restricted access. We sometimes we cannot operate in this area 9 am-5pm.