International moving

If you are moving abroad, we recommend scheduling a meeting beforehand. We will have a look at the quantity of items you would like to move and  suggest the most suitable vehicle to do so.

We will also estimate how many people it would take to load and unload the car, find out if you wish to travel together in the vehicle or via your own transportation. This is the opportunity to find out anything you want to know about moving but were afraid to ask.

For a price estimate, please see our price list.

For an actual price quote, we would need to know both addresses, the quantity, and the number of floors. The quote we give you is final and all highway fees and tolls are included, no surprises guarenteed.

We also recommend you visit the space calculator to help you / us find the best moving van size.

International moving Brno

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Moving within the Czech Republic

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Although we can move you to any city, town or village in the Czech Republic, in reality this generally means moving to Prague. We do moving to Prague at competitive prices, because we have a lot of experience doing so.

The price is agreed beforehand based on both addresses, the quantity of items and the time needed to load and unload the van. If you aren’t sure that your things can fit in the van, we can provide a really well-trained eye, look at all the mess and suggest the most suitable vehicle size. For a better idea about costs, please see our price list.

Moving from Brno to Prague

Please note

It is really not a good idea to arrive in Prague during rush hour. In order to preserve our sanity, we try to avoid arriving between 3 pm and 6 pm.

If it is necessary we can manage.

Moving within Brno

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It is helpful if you give us all of the important information straight away:

  • Both addresses, what is being moved, if the furniture has already been taken apart
  • Someone will be helping or do you need more of us to help you?
  • Are there heavy items? Is there a lift? If not, which floor are you on?
help with moving in Brno
we expect that u will be ready

We expect you to be ready, with parking problems sometimes, etc.
if you need help with packaging and furniture, please let us know in advance.

In general we try to avoid rush hours. That means from 7:30 am till 9:30 am and then 2:30 pm till 5:30 pm are not good times to move. During weekends almost any time is fine.

Cars are restricted from entering the city center from 9 am till 5 pm and the city police is strict about this. We can arrange for a permit to enter the area at a different time, but usually landlords can as well.

You can expect basic help with moving. If you don’t want to be moving things yourself (you’ve just had your nails done or your appendix removed or if there are some really heavy things) please tell us beforehand.  If for any reason you cannot help to carry items at all, that’s fine, but please tell us beforehand. It’s probably not a good idea to book just one person and a van and expect to watch your bed being moved.