If you hire a moving company, you will need these documents:

  • Customs declaration (with your handwritten signature) PDF or Doc

  • List of transported items (without prices) – examples/ Open officeExcel PDF

  • Unverified power of attorney for customs representation.Optional

  • Copy of your ID card and other documents proving your connection with Norway, such as work permit, job offer, work visa, lease agreement, etc.

  • Sometimes a fee of 600 NOK is charged when the owner of transported items is not present at the customs clearance.

  • All items must be non-commercial in nature, used, without any prospect of selling them soon. Food, plants, seeds and animals cannot be imported.

  • We do not recommend importing large amounts of alcohol or cigarettes: if you choose to take such items with you, make sure to know (and not exceed) the current limits. You may only carry alcohol and cigarettes for your own usage.

  • Customs declaration usually takes 30 to 60 minutes and mostly is just a formality.

  • Never put any food into the list,
  • If you don’t have Norwegian National Identity number or alternative, you can ask for on at the border for a fee 150E and it can take up to 2 hours to process it.

Moving to Norway on your own (Prague to Oslo)

Moving to Norway by yourself is quite easy. Just make sure to inform the van rental company that their van will leave the EU. Most companies have insurance for travels to Norway, so this should not pose a problem. You can choose from two routes:

1) Rostock – Trellenborg by ferry

  • This is our recommended and probably the cheapest option. Total distance you have to drive is 1200 Km
  • The voyage itself is 165 km and lasts about 7 hours, so it makes sense to use a night ferry. You can even cut the costs down a bit more by sleeping on your own mat without having to book a cabin. You can choose from two companies: StenaLines and TT-Lines

    Frederikshaven to Gothenburg

  • You need to do more driving +65 Km, but the trip is usually faster. The ferries go more frequently, and you spend much less time en voyage.(Just 3,5h) There is only one company operating this route.

    3) Ferries from northern Denmark

  • These routes are served by companies Colorlines and Fjordlines. This is usually be the fastest, but also the most expensive way to Norway.